Trinity Biomedical, Inc. applies their specialized knowledge of Ultrasonic Washing Technology to be in industry leader for multi-sonic washing.

Our process is capable of cleaning complex components in a variety of shapes and sizes made of almost any material. These processes produce minimal residue results that will exceed your cleanliness expectations.

The Ultrasonic energy permeates deep into cavities and crevices by way of high-frequency sound waves that create cavitation bubbles in the cleaning solution. The high purity, de-ionized water, which may contain additional chemicals or detergents as requested by our customers, productively cleans parts that have intricate internal details. This method physically loosens & removes surface contamination on a microscopic level.

Ultrasonic Washing - Washline 2


Ultrasonic Washing


These advanced Ultrasonic washers produce multiple frequencies that are effective in removing tough contaminants, are not harmful to the substrate, and allows TBI to reach the highest level of cleanliness based on the part material and geometry.

We embrace the newest technology in reverse osmosis water purification systems. This integral part of our ultrasonic cleaning process uses high-purity, deionized water, and effectively absorbs contaminants while actively removing leftover cleaning solution remnants.

Let us show you that with our skill and experience, we can provide the most effective ultrasonic cleaning solutions for your needs.