To meet the ever-changing demands of our customers,
Trinity Biomedical, Inc. has promoted cutting-edge production capabilities to include high-performance CNC Turning & CNC Swiss Machining services.

We have reached a new level of accuracy and precision for the production of small parts, both with complex geometries and long, slender characteristics.

Our Tornos Swiss-type turning center, with Live Tooling, attributes seven linear Axis, plus two “C” Axis, as well as a modular tooling set-up, providing a multitude of integral operations to be performed concurrently.

CNC Turned Parts

Turned Parts

Equipped with a barfeed system, we have the ability to machine parts as delicate as .060” in diameter and length, and as robust as 1” diameter.

  • CNC Swiss Turning
  • 7 Linear Axis
  • 2 “C” Axis
  • 1” Diameter Capacity Bar Fee
  • Small complex parts

Our CNC Turning capabilities also includes the ability to turn parts as modest as .060” in diameter by a fraction of an inch in length, and up to a sturdy 15.30” in diameter and 19” in length.

The Mazak turning center has Live Tooling, an automated bar feed process, and it excels in machining parts up to 3” diameter with remarkable throughput at an ultimate level of productivity.

  • 30” Diameter
  • 19” Maximum Length
  • Live Tooling
  • 3” Diameter Bar Fee

In most cases, Secondary Operations are eliminated since we can mill, drill, ream, saw, perform deep boring, and internal & external thread whirling, all within these machines.

Swiss Turning

Swiss Turning

Turned Screws

Turned Screws

  • Working in virtually all materials:
    • Carbon Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Titanium
    • Copper Alloys
    • Aircraft Alloys
    • Plastics & Phenolic

We execute progressive solutions for producing close tolerance parts with superb finishes and shorter lead times.

No matter the size of your order, from prototypes to high volume production runs, your small diameter, tight tolerance and geometrically complex parts will be produced to your specifications every time, quickly and affordably.

Medical Device Machining

Machined Parts