Trinity Biomedical, Inc. provides high-value manufacturing solutions, with our advanced CNC machining capabilities to support the stringent needs of the medical device & aerospace industries. We have strategically invested in state of the art, high-speed CNC machines to consistently hold tight tolerances and process parts to the highest level of precision as required by our diverse customer base.

Our leading edge CNC software that is used to program tool paths, can trim cutting times by up to 50% across the CNC Machining centers housed within our 52,000 sq ft facility, and run by our skilled CNC specialists. With our custom designed set-up pallet system, parts rapidly flow systematically through the machining process, allowing us to achieve the greatest efficiency from each machine.

CNC Plastic Parts

CNC Plastic Parts

These pallet systems are ideal for cutting a multitude of shapes, drilling holes at complex angles, and achieving exemplary surface finishes. It reduces the man-hours needed to generate parts by allowing better access to intricate part geometry, ultimately making the “Print to Part” processes much faster while improving productivity and reducing costs.

Our powerful 5-Axis DMC 65 Monoblock® machining center is equipped with an automatic pallet changer for maximum efficiency and production. The 5-Axis has a large work area, accepting sizes up to 24.8” X 19.7” to be 3D machined. We excel in the high-speed production of complex parts due to the vast flexibility of the swivel rotary table, 90-tool capacity and spindle speed up to 18,000 RPM.

Our 3-Axis machines are able to drill up to 7 times faster than typical high-speed drilling processes with spindle speeds up to 20,000 RPM and 1,000 psi thru-spindle coolant system. Whether simple shapes or geometrically complex parts, we can process them in sizes ranging from very small up to dimensions of 116” X 50” X 36” in height.

We have specialized skills to machine high-strength, high-temperature Aerospace Alloys and materials such as Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Plastics and Carbon Steels.

Whether it’s a high volume order, or a 1 piece Prototype Project, we can supply it to your precise requirements, every time.