As a fully equipped solutions provider, Trinity Biomedical, Inc. (TBI) provides a vast range of cleanroom assembly services inside our state-of-the-art Class 10,000 Cleanroom. Being ISO 9001/13485 certified, we build custom assemblies, displaying a high level of quality that complies with all relevant regulatory requirements.

TBI offers micro-welding and a wide spectrum of mechanical assembly capabilities including Adhesive Assembly and Snag Fit Assembly. We have the proficiency and expertise across an infinite range of sensitive products.  Examples include respiration, ventilation, and orthopedic instrumentation, covering a multitude of sizes and complexities.

Adhesive Cleanroom Assembly

Cleanroom Adhesive Assembly

Our Cleanroom Assembly Specialists have a notable mix of skills to support a broad range of product assembly needs. We have specialized adhesive equipment to assemble your products per your design and tolerances.

With our measuring & test capabilities, we attest that all components are pre-treated to assure the highest degree of purity prior to assembly. This step ensures that the assembled products will conform to your specifications.

As a benefit to our clean room, we utilize a variety of mechanized test equipment to verify the quality of your assembled products. We inspect using 2 CMM’s, to take precise 3-D measurements. Our high-end laser scanner & automated vision system are used for inspection and CAD comparison.

We develop, test and package critical products for industries such as Medical, Aerospace, Food Processing, Military and many more.

You can utilize our customer cleanroom assembly solutions for 1 piece prototypes, as well as production quantities.

Cleanroom Assembly Suction & Ventilation Parts

Assembled Suction & Ventilation Parts

Instrument Assembly

Instrument Assembly